Baborówko Horse Sale Show auction for the fourth time

Auction of sport horses predisposed for eventing and showjumping is happening in Baborówko for the fourth time, on the last weekend of September. The bidding will take place at the 28th of September, during Baborówko Horse Sale Show.






From Baborówko Horse Sale Show to foreign stables

The third edition of showjumping and eventing horses auction - Baborówko Horse Sale Show - has ended yesterday with a great result. 16 horses, mostly polish-bred, were presented at the auction.

BHSS2018 fot.MR Photo



It is with great sadness that we announce the horse fatality at Baborówko Horse Sale Show 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce that Jurta M (11 y/o), ridden by Polish rider Jerzy Krukowski was humanely put down as a result of a fatal accident while competing in the CIC2* cross country at Baborówko Horse Sale Show 2018, Poland at 12:35pm, on 29th of September.


Leaders changing after cross-country

Another exciting day at Baborówko Horse Sale Show 2018 is already behind us, and it left us with a few memorable rides that changed the course of the most important class of the show.

Andreas Dibowski GER Wolfsmond fot. MR Photo



Mateusz Kiempa (POL) and Lassban Radovix are in the lead after the dressage

Yesterday it was a windy day, but thankfully a sunny day too in Baborówko, Poland for the dressage at Baborówko Horse Sale Show.

Mateusz Kiempa POL Lassban Radovix CIC3 fot.MR Photo

Mateusz Kiempa (POL) and Lassban Radovix, fot. M&R Photo