Sport Horses Auction Guide

Before the auction:

  • possibility to look into professional veterinary examinations, including general clinical examinations with endoscopy and 14 RTG photos
  • possibility for consultation with veterinarians from Equi Vet Service Clinic,
  • possibility for test rides and consultation with veterinarians on Wednesday from (4:00PM to 6:00PM), Thursday and Friday (from 10:00AM to 6:00PM), after prior arrangement
  • official presentation of the horses before the auction at the Hippodrome A on Saturday at 4:00PM


The rules:

  • lack of bid bond
  • open character of the auction, without having to register beforehand
  • the auction will be held in PLN in the net amount, and the minimum increment is 1000PLN, for selected horses an 8% VAT will be added, which will be announced by the auctioner


After the auction:

  • obligatory signing of the sales agreement no longer than 10minutes after the winning bid
  • three days to pay the total price
  • pick-up of the horse possible only after paying the full price
  • possibility to pay the full price in EUR, enlarged by a handling charge of 1% of the full price
  • we offer the possibility of insuring the horse and to help with transport